Susan Alley – President

Susan Collett  Alley purchased “Johnson Title Company” in May of 1999.  Johnson Title Company was owned by Attorney Brian E. Johnson.  Mr. Johnson’s law firm opened the real estate division in the late seventies.  In 1997 Mr. Johnson incorporated his real estate closing division into “Johnson Title Company”

Susan moved to Florida in 1983.  She was a licensed real estate agent for a local Century 21 Real Estate Company.   In 1985 she began her career in the title insurance industry when she accepted a job with Mr. Johnson’s law firm in the real estate division known as Brian E. Johnson PA.   Mr. Johnson created Johnson Title Company in 1997 from his real law firm’s real estate division.

In 1999 Susan learned that Johnson Title Company was closing and she spoke with Mr. Johnson about purchasing the business.  The agreement was made and the company’s became Homestead Title of Pinellas, Inc. on May of 1999.  The company was been serving customers at the same location for over 30 years.    Personal experience as a

Real estate agent and a strong back ground in sales and customer service has assisted Susan in having a successful Title Company.   Susan has spent 33 years attending educational classes and training provided by the best Title Insurance Underwriters in the country, such as Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company to name a few.

 Tiffany Ramey – Closer

Tiffany started working for Homestead Title of Pinellas, Inc. in 1999.   She has been with us for 18 years and has attended 18 years of educational classes with experience in the title insurance business.   There are no words to describe how much she has learned and how invaluable she has been to our company.  She is the “Master at multitasking” and is dedicated to learning and works hard to do the best job she can.  Always eager to assist our customers, real estate brokers, agents, and lenders.  She goes beyond the industry’s standards to assist.

Tiffany started at the front desk answering telephones, to becoming the company’s “short sale specialist” and an “excellent” closer.  She is very thorough in explaining closing documents and requirements and in answering questions that consumers pose.  She is well known and liked in our community.

 Angela Novello – Closing Administrator

Angela Novello joined our staff in 2011.  She grew up in St. Petersburg and is well known throughout this industry and has over 30 years of experience working in the mortgage industry and in title insurance.   Her background in the Mortgage Business has added great value to our processing department.  Her understanding of the lender’s needs has made communication and processing their loans much smoother.  She assists customers, brokers, agents, and lenders in gathering and putting together the needed documentation to complete a purchase, sale or loan closing.

Angela attends education training on title issues.  She is able to resolve problems and overcome issues that can prevent us from issuing title insurance.   She’s also a “Master at multitasking”, which is a skill that our industry demands of our employees.  Her ability to be patient with customers, real estate brokers, agents, and lenders is nothing short of amazing.  Her patience is never ending and her understanding of every step involved in purchasing and selling real estate makes her invaluable to the company.